Anti-Digital Gateway Activist Endorses Deshundra Jefferson for Chair

Gainesville resident Bill Wright supports Jefferson-D for Chair of Prince William County Board of Supervisors


Ask yourself: Are you better off than you were four years ago, or have your dreams been hijacked to serve the selfish aims of others?

Prince William County is at a crossroads and the 2023 elections will decide whether we free ourselves from subservience to developer exploitation or slip permanently into the abyss. 

A positive change awaits in the candidacy of Deshundra Jefferson for County Board Chair.  She vows to restore transparency and integrity to a government that has been quick to abuse your trust and give away the store to big tech predators who are gorging on your slice of the pie.

We must diversify our commercial tax base among ALL targeted industries, vice putting all our eggs in the data center basket, and focus on attracting small businesses by reducing barriers to their establishment.

Deshundra believes we cannot accept the rise in violent crime as the “new normal”.  Instead, we should employ community policing practices, where law enforcement officers build relationships with community members in an effective partnership to promote public safety.  We should develop programs to incentivize law enforcement officers to live within the neighborhoods they serve to increase their community investment and foster trust.

Taxes fund essential services, but we must scrutinize how they are spent.  And we must ensure tax equity among homeowners, small businesses and big corporations.  You deserve a fair tax bill and full value for what you pay.

Take back your county.  Vote for Deshundra Jefferson in the June 20th Democratic primary.  Early voting starts on May 5th.

Bill Wright


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