Memory Café with Comfort Keepers of Greater PW and Sentara Home Health-CE


For adults.

Presented by Comfort Keepers of Greater Prince William and Sentara Home Health

A memory café is a social gathering designed to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for individuals with memory loss and their caregivers. It offers a safe space where people can connect, share experiences, and engage in various activities. These gatherings aim to reduce social isolation and promote well-being by offering a relaxed atmosphere where participants can interact and form friendships in an inclusive environment, fostering empathy and understanding among participants.

Memory cafes also serve as a valuable resource, providing access to information and educational sessions on memory-related topics. By providing a warm and supportive environment, memory cafes play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals living with memory loss and their caregivers, offering a sense of belonging and fostering a sense of community.

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