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Affordable Cleaning Service Expands to New Headquarters

retains quality standards while improving practices


Affordable Cleaning Services is an independently-owned local business that combines professionalism, responsiveness, and thorough cleaning! Recently, the company has moved to a new headquarters, expanding staff and efficiency. 

After being in business for 11 years, the company has grown and become more of what founder Victoria Armold had envisioned. It now employs a score of cleaners, has moved into a new, large headquarters in Manassas, and communicates via texts and apps.

Victoria Armold arrived in the U.S. after fleeing persecution in Sierra Leone. She was determined to chart her own destiny. So, instead of commuting every day, she founded a local business to prioritize her family.

Owner Victoria believed cleaners should do more than just run a vacuum and dust. She believed they should provide a transformative top-down cleaning.

She saw what her cleaners did, and thought, ‘I can do better,’ so she researched the industry, created a strategy, and hired staff. She grouped three-four ladies on a team and trained them to divide the work while supporting one another. The result is top-tier cleaning within one or two hours.

And ACS customers also know their “standard” cleaning far exceeds industry standards, to meet Victoria’s standards.

“Particularly, the ladies like to go above and beyond. It feels like you had a personal maid who came in just for you, but at an affordable price,” Victoria said.

ACS clients tend to schedule cleanings once or twice a month, while others before the holidays or events. ACS also offers deep cleanings, seasonal cleanings, move-in or move-outs, and extra services. Extra services include cleaning out refrigerators, washing down cabinets or window tracks, moving sofas to vacuum underneath, or washing down baseboards. ACS also provides office cleaning.

Clients appreciate ACS’s efficiency, especially during COVID when people were working from home. “People say, ‘that’s so fast,’” said Victoria.

Clients appreciate their responsiveness, and that they can schedule an appointment via phone, text or the WhatsUp App, but they also speak directly with a staff member. Office managers Jasmine T. and Danielle A. send confirmation texts, reminders, approximate arrival times, notices of completion, and requests for feedback.

“Answering the phones, getting back to people with a timely response,” Jasmine explained that something ACS is known for, but it is not the industry standard.

“We’re not a franchise!” said Victoria, explaining she hold everyone to her vision and her high standards.

“It’s her company,” said Jasmine, “If she has to go help clean a house, she will. I think that is what makes it such a great cleaning company.”

During COVID, clients asked if the cleanings killed the virus. Bleach kills all (or at least 95%) of germs, viruses, and bacteria said Victoria. It’s extremely effective. However, they also offer green cleaning packages, for those who prefer not to use certain chemicals, and can substitute muscle power to scrub away dirt and grime.

The new office and warehouse make it feel like a new era. It was a big step, that has improved productivity. The centralized location makes for a quicker turnaround. In the warehouse, teams quickly park, unload dirty laundry, pick up fresh towels and they’re off to the next appointment.

The interior office includes offices, reception, a conference room, and a kitchenette. Upstairs are changing rooms, lockers, and even a gym!

The place is welcoming for clients and employees. Victoria said she loves having “happy employees,” and is pleased to have provided a place where they can be proud to work.

Affordable Cleaning Services in Manassas is accepting new clients now. Get 20% off a first-time house cleaning in February of 2022 when you mention “Bristow Beat."

Make an appointment via their website http://affordablecleaningservicesonline.com or by calling 571-421-6475. 

ACS serves Northern Virginia, call to inquire about an exact location.

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