Affordable Cleaning Services Customizes Cleaning


Victoria Taylor owner of Affordable Cleaning Services, LLC.

Affordable Cleaning Services of Gainesville goes above and beyond to provide high quality services in home and office cleaning - all at an affordable price.

Affordable Cleaning Services’ owner Victoria Taylor used to commute to her job traveling along I-66. She found she was missing so much time with her young son and began to look for a career that would allow her to spend more time in the area.

“I wished I could have something I could do from home,” Taylor said.

At the time, she had a cleaning service coming to her house. While she was not completely satisfied with the service, she figured it was better than always having to clean the house herself, or do some research on the best and affordable Cleaning Services before settling on one.

However, once she began looking for a new career, she started paying closer attention. One day, she stayed home and watched the women clean. She found their service to be no more than perfunctory.

“I think I can do better,” she said to herself, thinking of ways in which a cleaning company could provide a more comprehensive service that would wow its clients.

Taylor began to research the industry. She saw that many cleaning services could fulfill a client's specific request, but additional tasks often offered a-la-carte, which quickly added up. She wanted to include more within the basic service.

“I wanted to be able to customize cleaning” she said, “but I didn’t want to nickel and dime people.”

She decided her business model would be to offer a more comprehensive cleaning service at an affordable price, one that the average person could afford. To prepare to enter the new industry, she studied cleaning, learning best practices and tricks of the trade.

Next, she built her workforce, only hiring people she trusted, mainly people she knew from church, and training them in her methods, you could look here on how she trains her staff to become better at their jobs. She directed them to do those extras that will make the house cleaner and more presentable, and ultimately offer the best service to their clients.

“We make beds, we put your dishes in the dishwasher, we empty garbages and take out your trash,” she said. “If you pull off your old sheets, we will put on new ones for you. We tidy up and make things look a little bit pretty."

Taylor also demanded consistency. She forms three to four person teams, and the client receives the same team as often as possible. She also forms the team with the client’s space in mind.

People recognize the Afford Cleaning Services car in their neighborhoods.

“I already know automatically which team will fit [the client’s] needs,” she said.

Affordable Cleaning Services takes the size of the house into consideration when calculating the cost. Clients can also decide to have just a few rooms cleaned. Most of her clients schedule a home cleaning twice a month, although they can be arranged weekly, monthly or by the occasion.

Every time Taylor’s team visits, they tackle the entire house, rather than alternating chores. In that way, every appointment is comprehensive – although there are some things they won’t do, such as windows. And, clients can order and even deeper more comprehensive clean, should they desire it.

Taylor supervises and check in with her clients. She provides continual training and frequently communicates with her cleaning teams.

Recently, she has added more tech features, such as text alerts, to make scheduling or changing appointments easier for the client.

Every time Taylor works for a new client, she offers them a 30 percent discount.

Taylor welcomes new clients even if it is for one pre-holiday cleaning. She also loves to work with businesses and real estate agents as well.

She invites new clients to call her for an estimate or visit her website for more information.

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