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Warrenton Artist Debuts 'A Gnome's Life' Monthly Intentions Journal

featuring whimsical art by Sima Button

Images from 'A Gnome's Life'
Images from 'A Gnome's Life'
Sima Button

Warrenton artist Sima Button has announced the release of her newest creation, “A Gnome’s Life: Gnome Journeys by Month.” It is a monthly intentions journal featuring mixed-media illustrations.

Journaling is the age-old sacred practice of setting intentions and reflecting on one’s personal journey. In a world where we rarely ever put pen to paper, there is something intimate and magical about writing out our intentions and dreams or practicing gratitude.

That is why artist/illustrator Sima Button decided to create a monthly intention journal this year.

“A Gnome’s Life: Gnome Journeys by Month” is an artistic notebook in which people can set their intentions each month. It is not date-specific, so it can be used any year. Combining an intentions journal with artistic expression adds fun and flair to the journaling experience. The journal makes an excellent holiday gift, ushering in the new year.

Sima chose gnomes as the theme as they have always been a favorite of hers. The journal features gnomes on every page, celebrating the seasons. They can be found lounging on a beach, dancing in a field of flowers or watching a fireworks display.

Pages include uplifting expressions. “It’s fun verbiage for every month along with the artwork. I really work for my words to be thoughtful and intentional, and that comes out in the journal.”

When titling the book, “A Gnome’s Intentions Journal,” Sima intentionally left out the word “resolution,” so to keep a positive tone while guiding people through their journey of growth and self-discovery.

“When you set an intention or a goal, to me, it seems more productive than a resolution. Resolutions are too black and white. They don’t give room for the magic that will happen. They don’t give room for bad days; they don’t make room for really good days,” she said.

“A Gnome’s Life” is also ideal for writing poetry, lists, thoughts or memories. There is no right or wrong way to use it.

The mixed-media artwork elevates the book. Each design was a labor of love. Sima layered patterns, paint and found objects. The result is whimsical images that retain some of its authentic hand-made quality.

Sima loves creating art people can easily own and enjoy.

“I’ve always liked bringing people joy and practical art reaches more people. I recently got a piece into a gallery show. The jurors saw it and smiled, and one outright laughed,” she said. “Getting that feedback is amazing.”

“A Gnome’s Life,” retails for $19.99 on Amazon, but one can also buy directly from by contacting her via, where bulk discounts are offered.

In addition to “A Gnome’s Life,” Sima illustrates and sells seasonal Gnome-themed and other cards for all seasons, and specific seasons and holidays. Cards retail for $5 each, five for $20, or 50 for $75.

Customers also can inquire about original art, customized art, or commissioned illustrations or designs at

Going into the new year Sima has plans to expand her repertoire. She is presently working on “Of the Goddess.” The book will feature original art and poetry book imbued with the spirit of the divine feminine.

She will also publish a children’s book authored by her 9-year-old son, Gavin. “It is the story my son wrote for school that is absolutely amazing,” she said. The book is set at her mother’s house, and she hopes to release it by spring and hopes to apply some of the proceeds towards Gavin’s tuition at Wakefield School.

Sima enjoys using her artistic talents in various enterprises to serve her family and community. Concierge gifting is another service Simavisions offers. She shops local, and customized gifts creating festive-looking baskets and packages.

“When you work with me, you get an artist’s eye. I’m very good at taking an idea and distilling it down into artwork.”

It is thoughtful to shop local, and Simavision offers many thoughtful gifts for those in your life. Add a little intention and flair to your gift-giving. Visit to see more of Sima Button’s artwork, artist products and gifting options. 

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