In The Good Old Summer Time


1. Frozen dessert
6. Paddle your own
10. This cools the inside when it's hot outside
12. Sticky treat by the shore
14. Sweet and sour quencher
15. Light up the sky on the Fourth of July
19. By any other name it would smell as sweet
20. Wooden way to stroll along the shore
21. Stand up for the fallen
25. Quite the grilling
29. How to make a big splash poolside
30. Two wheels to take you far
31. Footwear that's barely there
32. Cool ideas for a sweet treat
34. How's the weather?
35. A good walk spoiled
37. Lving wild
38. Month named for a Roman ruler
39. The sandy shore
42. A day off work to celebrate workers
43. Tiny bits of beach
44. Wave one for a cooling breeze
47. Riding the waves
50. Where to munch on mollusks
54. Mow this more now
55. Spot to swim and sail
56. What to wear when you get all wet
57. An atoll, or nearly nothing at all
58. A board game

2. These show your knees
3. Don't forget to wear this
4. Get in the swim here
5. Hot time when Sirius is in the sky
7. Clock changer
8. Someone to watch over you at the beach
9. A time to give Dad his due
11. Month named for a Roman ruler
12. Ephemeral dwelling
13. Drink made with hops
16. Gooey campfire treat
17. Set your net on the beach for this
18. Refreshing fruit
22. Take to the trail
23. Time off
24. Bask in this
26. Helping the flora flourish
27. Place to play in the spray
28. Really short about now
33. A place to get high
36. Watch it wave to you
40. This game is a warm weather hit
41. Fun place for kids
45. Don't stress
46. This can put a damper on your day
48. The color of the leaves
49. Angling for a good time
51. Eating out
52. Visitor seeking to see the sights
53. Going off the deep end
56. Do the crawl