'Get Happy, Dammit,' Grows Inspiration, Motivation, Supports Mental Health Initiatives


BRISTOW, Va. – Bristow writer and poet Katherine Gotthardt, M.Ed. has announced her eighth book, Get Happy, Dammit – Staying Inspired and Motivated in an Often-Unhappy World, published by Local Gems Press, Long Island, New York. The book offers short essays, exercises and poetry as avenues to create inspiration and motivation, two necessary elements that can lead to greater happiness, according to Gotthardt.

"I started writing this book over a year ago,” said Gotthardt, an award-winning author and former adult educator who has taught English, writing and ESL to underprivileged and incarcerated students. “I didn't write it because I take happiness lightly or because I think getting happier is easy by any means, especially now. I wrote this book because there is so much unhappiness in the world. I wanted to share what has helped me and some of my former students gain inspiration and motivation, two things that can help increase quality of life for everyone.”

Exercises in the book are designed to help readers develop skills like mindfulness, time management, critical thinking, reframing, goal setting and more, all focused on bolstering inspiration and motivation. "These are exercises I used in the classroom and in my own life," Gotthardt said. "I was blessed to have many mentors and advisors over the years, and they have all contributed to my ability to be where I am now and to write this book. Life has not always been easy, good or happy, by any means. My greatest wish is to use my experiences and what I’ve learned to help others.”

Gotthardt hopes creatives, teachers, caregivers and life coaches especially will discover or rediscover new ways to approach problems that, as she says, “plague us all and get in the way of progress.” But, she said, the book is also appropriate for those just trying to improve quality of life by focusing on the positive.

Proceeds from the book will benefit mental health initiatives through two nonprofits, the David J. Cobb Foundation and Rise Phoenix Rise, Inc.

Kimberly Fleming, president and CEO of the David J. Cobb Foundation, said her organization was established to honor her 17-year-old son who battled mental illness. “Sadly,” she said, “he lost his battle in 2015 when he took his life. Our programs and scholarships are a way to honor him and help others who are struggling. We are pleased this book will contribute to our mission.”

“Katherine has written an insightful book that targets our minds on activities that help us stay focused on what’s important – staying inspired and motivated,” said Traci Jones, founder and executive director of Rise Phoenix Rise, an animal-assisted wellness program. “The book offers lots of ways to do that. Animals can be part of the equation. They can be that magical motivator to help drive healing and happiness.”

“Now more than ever, self-care and mental health are critical as we face incredible stressors in our world,” said Gotthardt. “I am honored to use this book as a catalyst for personal growth and positivity while supporting these two great nonprofits.” 

To take part in the fundraiser and pre-order a signed copy of the book, visit GetHappyDammit.com. 

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