Del. Roem Announces Va to Provide $33 Million in Transportation Funds for Route 28, Rollins Ford Road

The Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the allocation of the funds


RICHMOND - Today, Delegate Danica Roem announced significant funding to fix Route 28 and Rollins Ford Road. The Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the allocation of funds from the Virginia Highway Safety Improvement Plan (VHSIP) for Roem’s priority transportation safety projects. Included in this allocation is $24,473,302 for the Route 28 STARS Safety Project.

Additionally, Roem has announced $8,918,793 for two roundabouts along Rollins Ford Road: one at Estate Manor Drive, and one at Yellow Hammer Drive/Song Sparrow Drive.

The secured funds for the Route 28 STARS Safety Project will fully cover the cost for Phase 1 design, engineering, and construction, adding Restricted Crossing U-Turns (RCUTs), raised medians, and a contiguous sidewalk, on Route 28 from Manassas Drive to Spruce Street. The Rollins Ford Road funding implements recommendations from the 2019 Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) “Rollins Ford Road Corridor Study.”

“These newly allocated funds for the Route 28 Stars Safety Project are a monumental win for the people of Manassas Park and Prince William County” said Roem. “We are also already anticipating Phase 2, having submitted a budget amendment to fund its design and engineering.”

Roem, speaking on the funding allocated for Rollins Ford Road, continued, “Since my first town hall on Rollins Ford Road in 2018, to my budget amendment in 2020, to making the case for these funds in front of the House of Delegates in 2022, we are now seeing our work come to fruition in the form of these necessary safety improvements. We are working for quicker, safer, greener commutes along Route 28, and, to the commuters on Rollins Ford Road, help is on the way for improved safety.”

"For years, the City of Manassas Park prioritized in its legislative agenda fixing Route 28 to prevent crashes and speed up commutes for our residents," said Mayor Jeanette Rishell. "Since 2018, we have partnered with Prince William County to make the case to state and federal transportation officials to fund Delegate Roem's Route 28 STARS Study for innovative intersection designs, a raised median, and a contiguous sidewalk that would serve city and county commuters alike. With the funding for Phase 1 of the project now secured from Manassas Drive to Spruce Street, our residents will be able to enter and exit the road more safely, cut down on idling, and get where they're going sooner. We thank Delegate Roem for being an unrelenting advocate for the project and the Commonwealth Transportation Board for recognizing the good this will do for our residents."

Laszlo A. Palko Manassas Park City Manager expanded on the intricacies of the project by saying, “Manassas Park Government Staff have been dedicated to resolving the key issues for our residents and elected Governing Body including tax rates, economic development, community maintenance and more. One of the top priorities for our residents and Governing Body has been traffic issues that stem from congestion on Route 28. The announcement of funding for Route 28 is a great win for our staff in supporting the effort that was led by Delegate Roem and our Governing Body to help fix this key resident priority. Special kudos to our Community Development Director, Calvin O’Dell, and Transportation Program Manager, Steve Hall, for their efforts in applying for funding and all of the analysis and leg work that goes into these applications.”

Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chair Ann Wheeler stated, "Prince William County has been happy to support Delegate Roem's requests for funding innovative intersection designs to improve safety on Route 28 in Yorkshire and along Rollins Ford Road. Our Board of County Supervisors this year made funding Rollins Ford Road a priority in our legislative agenda, and we voted unanimously in favor of endorsing the City of Manassas Park's applications for implementing the recommendations of the Route 28 STARS Study.

Modern roundabouts along Rollins Ford Road will make it easier for pedestrians and vehicle commuters to safely cross the road. For Route 28, Restricted Crossing U-Turns (RCUTs), a raised median, and a contiguous sidewalk will improve throughput and prevent crashes. We thank Delegate Roem for championing both of these initiatives and are eager to continue being a working partner with our neighboring jurisdictions and state officials alike."

Senator George Barker (SD-39) expressed his approval and excitement about the secured funds by saying, “This is a great day for the people of Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park. I would like to congratulate Delegate Roem on her effort and perseverance in securing this funding.”

Senator Jeremy McPike (SD-29) stated, “I want to extend my congratulations to Delegate Roem for delivering this much-needed transportation funding for Route 28 Innovative Intersection Phase 1 and the Rollins Ford roundabouts. These improvements will dramatically improve the safety and commute times of Prince William County residents. Well done, Delegate Roem!"

Delegate Michelle Maldonado (HD-50) said, “I am thrilled to hear that our Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park community will get to experience new and improved roads and sidewalks. Thanks to Delegate Roem for her immense effort. The long commute creates stress, steals quality time from our families, and most of all, causes accidents. For so long, residents of our county and cities have waited to commute on a better and improved Route 28. My hope is that this will alleviate congestion, increase safety, and create better harmony with driver and pedestrian use. I hope to continue the progress on route 28 by securing funding for the Route 28-Sudley Road Roundabout Project.”


 Securing these funds is the latest transportation policy gain Roem has championed. In 2018, Roem voted for HB 768, which provided necessary funding for bus services linking Haymarket to Arlington. Further, in 2020, Roem voted for HB 1414, which secured the administrative infrastructure needed for future night and weekend Virginia Railway Express (VRE) service along the Manassas Line. She worked with VDOT to improve safety both at the intersection of U.S. Route 29 and Heathcote Boulevard and along Route 28 between Manassas Park and Yorkshire. Roem successfully made the case to the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission (PRTC) Board to deliver bus service connecting western Prince William County to the Dulles Corridor. While serving on the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA), Roem voted in favor of the third and final standard project agreement needed for the authorization for construction on Route 28’s new multimodal, six-lane improvement project in Centreville, which is underway.

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