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BLACK CAT WAX Celebrates Three Years!

Black Cat Wax in Gainesville celebrates its third anniversary


In 2019, Esthetician/waxing technician Denise Coleman followed her dream and launched Black Cat Wax, at its first location in Manassas.

“Being my own boss was exciting and terrifying at the same time,” Coleman said. “It has not been an easy time to start a business! The thing that got me through hard times is my guests. They are incredibly supportive, and they want the best for me. I think that’s really cool.”

Just one year into her business venture, she learned how important their loyalty and support would become. Her business was already growing, and Coleman determined a Gainesville location would better serve her clients. In preparation for the move, she began to crunch numbers, examine new product lines, build her marketing plan, and fine-tune profit margins.

With excitement, she told close friends and loyal clients the new location would have its grand opening in April. However, by March, non-essential retail stores were closed indefinitely.

Coleman was undeterred. Her diligence in preparation paid off: she could manage short-term without her business income. She used the time to set up the studio and make her location in the Haymarket Business Park ready for business.

Black Cat Wax opened its second year of business in its new location on John Marshall Highway in late May. By Memorial Day weekend, clients and guests returned. They were overwhelmingly supportive and excited about the new location, said Coleman. She knew she was in the right place.

“Everyone was just so welcoming. I got a lot of welcoming vibes from people,” she said.


Some people are familiar with body waxing. For “newbies” it can be intimidating, but Coleman excels at putting her clients at ease. “Making people feel comfortable is the main thing.”

Black Cat Wax offers a variety of services: bikini waxes and Brazilians, eyebrows, face, arms legs, back, chest, nose, ears, and full-body waxes for men and women. “It’s pretty much everything. If there’s hair on your body, we can wax it,” Coleman said.

Many people make waxing part of their regular grooming. “There is no one type or category. It’s all walks of life,” she said, and that includes men and people of all ages.

Black Cat Wax is licensed and insured, which is critical because waxing needs to be safe and hygienic. Coleman urges people to look for licensed professionals who fully understand health code guidelines that exist to protect consumers.

Wax technicians should also know how to care for all skin and hair types. The quality of materials is important, too. Black Cat Wax uses commercial-grade, professional-quality hard wax.


As her business grew, Coleman added two licensed cosmetologists. “It is important that Black Cat Wax continues to provide clients with the same professional treatments and protocols they receive with me,” said Coleman, which is why she chose employees with similar training and background as her.

Tori and Ruth bring ten years of experience between them. They are excited to work in a studio that values exceptional guest experiences and, have developed techniques clients say make the process easy and comfortable. Overall, the team’s skills and abilities make people feel confident about returning.

Tori Collin even did Coleman’s waxing. “Tori was so thorough. I was just impressed with her skill. And Ruth, I’ve known for a couple of years. She’s such a hard worker and amazing at waxing. I thought both of them would be a perfect fit.”

Working with Coleman and her team, people know they are in good hands. And clients form relationships as one would with their favorite hairstylist. “It’s concierge-level service,” said Coleman. “We’re your personal waxer.”


Black Cat Wax Studio is celebrating three years of waxing and lashing in 2022. Waxing is part of personal grooming that many people enjoy.

“Self-care is so important,” said Coleman. “It’s a necessity for your mental health. It is a nice luxury, a mini-retreat from your normal day.”

For new clients, waxing can make the most impact. Often people come for wax or lash services for a special occasion, only to become regular guests. No doubt people feel sexier.  “I feel like people walk a little straighter, they walk a little taller, it’s definitely a confidence booster," Coleman said. 

Additionally, Black Cat offers several lash and brow services: brow lamination, eyelash lifts, and brow and lash tinting. They are feature enhancers that look natural.

“A lash lift curls and elongates your natural lashes. It’s not as dramatic as eyelash extensions. It’s easy to maintain,” said Coleman. People feel comfortable wearing them every day.

The team at Black Cat Wax invites you to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see their work and peek inside life in the day of a professional waxer. That way, you can find out more about what to expect during your visit.

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Bristow Beat thanks Black Cat Wax for its sponsorship.  The article was a cooperative effort written by Bristow Beat and Flourish with Kate.  Photos submitted by Black Cat Wax. 

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