Bianchi Carpet & Rug Cleaning Has Served Prince William for Generations


Tony Anzelone with Bianchi's truck-mounted steam cleaner system.

Anthony “Tony” Anzelone is the 3rd generation owner of Bianchi Carpet & Rug Cleaning. It has been a family-owned business for 56 years. Bianchi's is also Northern Virginia's steam cleaner that uses the most powerful system there is.

Bianchi Carpet & Rug Cleaning does full residential and commercial carpet cleanings. That includes flood damage and water extraction, pet odor and urine removal, upholstery cleaning, oriental and rug area cleaning and wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, just the way in which carpet cleaning pittsburgh handles these functions.

Tony’s step-grandfather founded Bianchi Carpet & Rug Cleaning in San Francisco in 1963. In 1973, Bianchi moved the business into Manassas. Bianchi Carpet & Rug Cleaning has been serving the area ever since, going on four generations.

“It’s the oldest family-owned and operated carpet cleaning company in Prince William County,” Tony said and he meant something like the carpet cleaning san diego.

Soon after Tony’s grandfather started the business, his father, just 13-years-old, began working beside him. He began working in the family business as a teenager, and now his son, in his twenties, works for Bianchi’s as well.

Tony believes that the business’s longevity proves its credibility, quality and dedication to customer service, but he assures customers it’s also the best carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning one can find. He says that he had taken inspiration from carpet cleaning st louis which is what makes them so different and the best. He also says that giving a local business opportunity can help them reach the right audience, He gave an example of Carpet Cleaning Elgin services. He praise their way of cleaning rugs which ensure that germ and grimes are gotten rid of. He believes that their work is spotless and also provides for a longer lasting carpets and rugs. While many companies use portable units, Bianchi’s uses the best truck mounted ones that are six times as powerful.

“I have the biggest truck mount that is made in America to do steam cleaning.”[/pullquote]

There are only six others in the state, Tony explained, and his father always bought the best carpet cleaning las vegas services, having the first made unit in the country. Bianchi said the equipment makes the most difference in steam cleaning. It is “apples to pears.”

It is all about suction. Portable units use 100 pounds of water pressure with water as hot as the home faucets can get it. Bianchi’s uses 600 pounds of water heated to 215 degrees. “You can actually see it steaming.”

A powerful system used by carpet cleaning riverside, removes much more dirt and more of the soap and water that is pumped into the carpet. “I get out 98% of the water that I’m laying down.”

Looking at the water, he can see “it’s muddy; it’s dirty.” Portable units leave much of that behind.

With that kind of system, an array of treatments for stains are not necessary. “I’m pulling it all out.”There are no additional costs for stain, spots or pet stains when someone receives a full carpet cleaning. There are no additional costs for odor control.

Despite all that, Bianchi’s costs are competitive, even with those who use less powerful units.

Getting a quote is simple. He calculates it by rooms and home size. It can even be done over the phone. There will be no surcharges or up sales upon their visit after the job is completed, which can be a common strategy in the industry.

Though many people view carpet cleaning as a luxury, he reminds people that they are living with the dirt, germs, and bacteria in their carpets every day. It is grime a mini vacuum and home unit steam cannot remove. “It is more than surface dirt”

“It is literally like throwing your carpet in your washer and the dryer.” There may be urine from dogs and cats, and natural circulation of the air even carries dust. “There are untold health benefits to have the carpet clean.”

A Bianchi cleaned carpet is safer and healthier. There are no harmful chemicals that children or pets need to avoid. It is OCEA approved because the carpet is primarily cleaned via heat and pressure, not chemicals.

And it is recommended that people clean their carpets every year and a half, and not doing so can void a warranty.

Despite that, Bianchi has seen some carpets that have not been cleaned in five, ten or 15 years, and surprisingly, many come out looking like new. Ironically, less expensive” carpets come cleaner since it is easier to suction dirt out of a looser weave. Often times they look “really, really good,” he said.

Tony still works with family, so residents can trust the people coming into their home. They can take comfort in knowing they are getting a better service at a competitive price.

Contact Bianchi Carpet & Rug Cleaning at, or call him for a quote at 703-403-0810.

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