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This “gentleman” retired to the gated community of Heritage Hunt just 3 years ago after selling his Fairfax Co. residence (and one would certainly assume for a tidy profit as well). In case you weren’t aware the gated community he resides in today WAS ONCE A 700 ACRE FARM. Almost everyone who lives on Pageland Lane (93%) chose to apply for re zoning of OUR FARMS & OUR PROPERTIES (myself included) at which point he and his neighbors (1800 + homes) now have the arrogance to cry foul and feel encroached upon ?! And just to be clear he opposes a project that based on the PW Co Finance office projections will raise $4.2 BILLION in commercial tax revenue over 20 years (57.23% of which will go directly to our schools). Did Mr.Wright raise his family in PWC and therefore need to access our school system? No. Does he have Grandchildren that need to be educated in OUR system today? No. Does he have family that may be teachers or first responders in OUR county? Again no….but he does want to dictate to the rest of us who do need to access these services what level of increased funding these groups should or shouldn’t receive. PWC is short 100 to 200 police officers county wide (ask the chief), we have huge personnel shortages in the school system, and our pay scale for our teachers and first responders is not competitive relative to neighboring counties so we constantly lose talented individuals. Go ask a teacher or a first responder if you don’t believe me.

Mr.Wright may I suggest you either spend more time accessing that gated community golf course that you have available to you or run for local office and take a shot at solving the problems I mentioned above. Your never ending conspiracy theories and witch hunts are counter productive and tiresome.

From: OPINION: Prince William BOCS Chair 'Shill for Corporate Raiders'

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