New Auction House 'Auction Place' Holds Grand Opening


Heirloom quilts and chests are up for auction at Auction House this week.

Thursday is the grand opening for the Auction Place on 9823 Godwin Drive in Manassas, with the first live auction beginning at 6 p.m. and preview at 4:30 p.m.

Auction Place will be the only auction house of its kind in Prince William County, according to the information from The House Guys. It will hold weekly auctions on Thursday evenings, which will feature jewelry, furniture, antiques, bikes, crystals, paintings, video games, collectibles, tools, electronics, appliances and other items.

“We’ve been doing auctions for 20 years,” said owner Ginger Bryant, who along with her husband Mike has become adept at buying secondhand treasures and reselling them at auctions, especially at the couple's friend’s auction house in Fredericksburg.

Because they had put so much of their time, energy and passion into auctioning, they decided to make it their full-time business.

“There are no more auction places in Prince William County so we decided to open up our own,” Bryant said.

She believes Prince William residents will enjoy coming to auctions to find unique collectibles as well as practical home goods.

“People like to come to auctions, because there are things from people that they have collected from world travels, inherited, and you never know what you can find,” Bryant said. “For people who collect items, your best option is to find it at auctions and estate sales.”

Mike Bryant said that they intend to have a wide variety of auction items, from the rare to the practical.

“Pretty much anything, just not guns or livestock,” Mike Bryant said.

Auction Place has decor collected from around the world and different time periods.

“You would be surprised, you just never know what you’re going to find,” Ginger Bryant added, explaining that they get new inventory through consignments and through attending estate sales.

Bryant thinks people will like the items for sale, which tend to be more unique, older and more rare than what can be found in stores, even second-hand stores.

“People get addicted to auctions, because you can find anything,” she said.

This week’s high-profile items include signed and framed photos of Redskins Art Monk and Darrell Green.

In addition people come to auctions for the competitive and sports-like nature of the bidding and winning of items, which can be a fun and thrilling experience for all involved.

The Bryants are also working to keep the atmosphere fun, lively and relaxing They will have a drawing every week, and will be serving refreshments and candy.

However, it will have all the fast-paced action of an auction as well.

“Ray Rains has been doing auctions in Fredericksburg, and he will be the auctioneer here,” Bryant said.

Quality wood furniture antiques and decorative pieces are also up for auction Thursday.

But despite the competitive nature of the sales, Ginger Bryant believes people still get great bargains, since they set the price organically. If attendees are not hot on an item, someone can always get it for a steal.

Attendees are invited to come early to look over merchandise from the necessary to the luxury to the unique find.

Bryant said they aim to have unique pieces for collectors as well as items that anyone would want in their home. But attendees do not need to be seasoned collectors or auction-goers. For those who have never attended an auction before, the Bryants believe the grand opening of the Auction Place is a good place and time to start.

The Auction Place is open for all participants to walk in on Thursday before 6 p.m. or to come early at 4:30 to look over the inventory. In addition, photographs of current inventory will be available on their website.

For more information call 703-330-2085. Auction Place accepts all major credit cards, checks or cash.


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