Mystic Flow Wellness Has a Mission to Improve Quality of Life


Mystic Flow Wellness Center storefront at Piedmont Plaza in Gainesville.

Adriana Benoit of Mystic Flow Wellness Center of Gainesville, Virginia is on a mission to improve the quality of life in Northern Virginia by teaching people to relax, rejuvenate and refocus their energies.

“Your temple is your body,” said Benoit, who owns the wellness center with her husband, Derrek. They believe personal healing it is a benefit to the whole world, but certainly to the NoVa community.

Mystic Flow Wellness Center’s most popular “Balance treatments” include float spa, a wide variety of massages, infrared sauna, facials and foot detox.

New services include neuromuscular therapy to release trigger points and knots and craniosacral therapy massage to treat migraines, chronic neck, back pain, scoliosis, concussions, orthopedic problems and more.

The center also offers unique services such as hypnotherapy, Reiki and chakra balancing, Rohun classes and classes on topics such as meditation and holistic healing.

“It’s a community of practitioners who work together in a community where you can figure out what makes you happy, what brings happiness and balance in your life,” Benoit said.

Adrianna brings a different perspective on American life. She finds most people are too caught up in the rat race, especially in the D.C. metro area, and as a result, their health deteriorates.

“We generally wait until something goes wrong,” she said, then go to the doctor and ask for medication.

As a preschool owner and director at Daytime Playtime, Benoit has also witnessed parents passing that stress onto their children. “What are we teaching our children when we tell them to never put yourself in the picture, and just do for others?’” she asked.

She encourages her clients to care for themselves from staying healthy through diet and exercise to monitoring their thoughts and emotions, which controls everything in our lives. While one can always find a reason to be angry, why not looks at the good things in life, she says

Mystic Flow Wellness Center is best known for its float spa, which is the only one in the area. It is a place to turn off the world and float weightlessly in salt water and reset and recharge the body and mind for lasting effects.

“It brings more peace and balance to their lives. It improves their vitality, helps with sleep deprivation,” Benoit said. “Positive people don’t feel exhausted.

Floating forces people to reconnect with themselves, and “the more connected we are to our soul, the more we like ourselves other, the more we like other people,” she said.

Benoit decided to make floating very accessible, so Mystic Flow Wellness offers reduced rate “community hours” every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Thursday evening from 4-8 p.m.

During those times, floating is $45 for first responders, nurses, teachers, community workers, military members, those with chronic conditions or illnesses, and others as specified on their website.

Floating is great for athletes and students as well.

“That why I love the floating, it gives you all the be for the physical body because of the Magnesium, but it also gives you all the benefit for the mind for the clarity of human beings.”

But float is only a part of the mission. The wellness center likes to educate her clients in ways that they can create a healthier lifestyle.

The spa has incorporated Chinese practices that work with energy and health for the emotional and spiritual body. It helps with resolving long-standing emotional issues.

“Underneath anger, there’s hurt. Your brain allows you to feel the anger,” she said. “You can eat, buy shoes, buy a new car, but that’s not dealing with that emotion. Go and heal that pain.”

They have classes that help deal with pain from childhood because many adults still feel and react like children. Then there are emotional freedom techniques. Overall, she wants to teach people to value themselves, not just their achievements.

Adriana believes that through these various services clients can improve their overall quality of life, making them happier, healthy, calmer and better parent as well as better friends, partners and more successful overall.

She encourages people to set up an appointment.

Mystic Flow Wellness Center offers packages and gift certificates that do not expire and are transferable.

Mystic Flow Wellness Center is located at 6884 Piedmont Center Plaza in Gainesville. Its hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

Call 571-284-7612 to make an appointment, or visit their website and Facebook page.


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