Home Turf Fitness Brings 'Safer-at-Home' Fitness to You & Your Group


Home Turf Fitness, LLC is locally-owned group training company. Home Turf Fitness trainers bring the workout directly to their clients. Run by certified personal trainers with life-long training experience, Home Turf Fitness is not a gym or fitness center; it is ideal for training during social distancing and the ‘Safer-at-Home’ order. 

Classes include Pound, all types of HIIT, Circuit Training, Zumba, AMPD Strength, Nutrition coaching and dumbbell and body workouts.

Owners of Home Turf Fitness, ACSM Certified Trainers Melissa Keith and Chelsea Snyder, instruct groups of 2 to 10, leading them in one of many effective and fun training classes. Rather than signing up for existing classes, participants form groups with friends or colleagues. 

“You pull in your friends and people you feel comfortable being around and working out with. It helps people push through exercises and get it done,” Snyder said. “There is more potential for motivation. They push you in a good way, and you are going to invite people you know or that you want to be around.”

Participants can meet in outdoor spaces and stand 6-10 feet apart, they can use their own equipment or the companies equipment (which is sanitized after every use), making workouts COVID-19 compliant. It is a fun way to continue to stay fit during the pandemic, while getting fresh air and seeing friends from a distance. 

“We normally provide the equipment,” said Snyder. “It makes it easy right now. We definitely follow the guidelines for everyone’s safety.”

It is a difficult time for everyone, and Home Turf Fitness is there to serve the community. Her trainers will offer professional workouts at affordable prices.

Melissa and Chelsea have been working together for several years. Melissa has a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training and Masters of Education in Special Education. 

Snyder was an assistant volleyball coach at Providence College and then moved on to serve as first assistant coach at the University of Rhode Island where she conditioned athletes through plyometric, agility, and strength training. She also coached Junior Olympics participants throughout the years.

The idea for Home Turf Fitness began from an experience many parents share. Keith has always been very into painting a healthy fit lifestyle for herself and family.  She spends several hours a week attending her kids activities as well as her own. To maximize her time, she decided to do her personal workouts while her daughter was practicing. Soon other parents asked her if they could join and then eventually she planned and lead weekly workouts for them. The idea for Home Turf was born.

Snyder hopes that workouts during children’s sports practices can become the norm. 

“There is a huge market for all those parents who go to their kids practices and they just sit there. We can come to a sports field. We’ll run a work out with you and other parents sitting around- the moms or dads, or both.” 

Due to COVID-19 Home Turf Fitness decided to start their business with very affordable prices. It is just $10 per person to join a group of two or more. This special pricing will go through the end of June 2020. They will be reassess at that point. Regular pricing can be found on the website. Classes can meet once or several time week. They can meet outside a client’s house or at a HOA club house or park. 

When clients form a group, each person can try it out without signing on to any longterm commitment. “It’s only $10 for a 60 minute session!” 

Since opening Gina Devine and DeeDee Call have joined Home Turf Fitness. Devine is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach and body-builder. Call is a certified in POUND, Zumba, Kettlebells and AMPD Strength instructor. Adding new instructors has allowed Home Turf to expand its programs. 

To find out more about Home Turf, visit hometurffitness.com or email contact@hometurffintess.com. Tell your friends! Right now, it’s only $10 per person to participate!! 

Photos provided by Home Turf Fitness, LLC. 

Photos were taken before social distancing concerns. Participants would be standing farther apart. 

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