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HIDDEN GEMS: Warrenton Holistic Salon Owner Offers Intuitive Business Coaching

Meet Jacqueline Rodriguez an intuitive business coach


Today Bristow Beat is launching a new column, Hidden Gems, based upon Samantha Spittle's video series by the same name. The videos are an extension of Samantha's Flushing It Out podcast and video productions, featuring local entrepreneurs and inspiring individuals. 

Hidden Gems features unique "gems" in the area- independently-owned retail establishments, restaurants, wineries and other entertainment venues.

Each of these business or nonprofit exists to enhance the small-town and cultural experience of  Northern Virginia "outburbs." They are places you can frequent for the shear enjoyment of it, bring friends along, or relax on the weekends or whenever you are off-the-clock. 

The column includes Samantha Spittle's client videos that highlight the culture of the area. As you read the article, we invite you to watch and share the video and visit the establishment for yourself. 

Enlightened Styles 

This week’s Hidden gem is the holistic salon Enlightened Styles, which specializes in non-toxic, eco friendly, green chemistry practices and is located in Warrenton.

Creative Entrepreneur, Jacquelyn Rodriguez, Intuitive Business Coach And Holistic Salon Owner established Enlightened Styles ten years ago as a full service hair and skin care salon. She uses only natural, green chemistry products- no toxic solutions, no wasteful overuse of materials such as plastic and foils. She also started her own custom cosmetics line that can be purchased in her salon. Each shade created for your skin and hair chemistry!

While running Enlightened Styles, Jacquelyn began providing Reiki energy work and relaxation and restorative treatments to her clients. Ultimately, she has recognized that she can coach people to actualize lifestyle changes  in their daily and professional lives. That is how she became an Intuitive Business Coach.

After COVID scare most people are looking for solution and one such is spa room for rent @ Salon Lofts. It is able to provide a safe place for people with immuno-compromised health during COVID. The environment is clean and  only a few number of people are allowed in the salon at once, far exceeding CDC and Health Department standards.

Come in relax and allow someone to take care of YOU! Enjoy a traditional hair cut or dive into a relaxation and wellness treatment such as a Reiki head and neck treatment with your shampoo.


If you are curious about how simple changes can lead to more profound changes in your life, be sure and connect with Jacquelyn.

Special Deal for Flushers (that’s you!). Take 10% off any hair service that you book with Enlightened Styles OR Schedule a complimentary 15 minute coaching session with Jacquelyn.

Use Code: FIOS2020HAIR

About Hidden Gems

Connection is the key to life and what better way to connect than by making memories in and around your area. As the “introvert’s extrovert,” Samantha Spittle talks to people, so you don’t have to…for now.

Samantha started her podcast, “Flushing It Out” in 2019 as a way to engaged in meaningful conversations and “peel back the layers” of how we are all connected. She hoped that through her podcast, people could learn from one another and get inspired!

This year, Samantha has taken those conversations on the road, talking to people who found and run “Hidden Gems” in our area. Through her Hidden Gems video series, Samantha (safely) explores boutique shops, restaurants, wineries, lodgings and more.

Find out what hidden gems you may have overlooked in the Prince William-Fauquier area and what they are doing to adapt during the COVID-19 crisis.


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Thank you to our current sponsors that have helped bring these hidden gems to the big social media screen: MM Exterior LLC (roofing siding and gutters), The Rooms Up There ( boutique hotel,) Crafted Coach (leadership coach), Black Garlic Events (catering), Gathered Stems, @thewitnessphotography (weddings and travel), Bella Villa Antiques & Vintage Rentals.

Sponsorship Arrangement: Hidden Gems videos are typically paid promotional videos via an arrangement between Samantha and the business owner. In some cases, there is also a sponsorship arrangement between Bristow Beat and the business featured in the above video. This particular video is NOT sponsored content, but rather a sample introduction to the Hidden Gems Series. Bristow Beat will also feature charitable non-profits and other businesses free-of-charge at the publications discretion. Business owners featured in Hidden Gems can receive a 10% advertising discount with Bristow Beat, and can contact stacyshaw@bristowbeat.com. Bristow Beat advertisers will receive a discount when they work with Hidden Gems on a video. 

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