Francie Vandivere: Best Teacher Honorable Mention

Bristow Beat's Teacher of the Year Contest 2022


Francie Vandivere took honorable mention in Bristow Beat's and Bill DePugh's Teacher of the Year Contest 2022. 

Francie Vandivere is a 4th-grade teacher at Bristow Run Elementary School who helps her students transition to middle school. Her favorite subject is mathematics and she tries to make it fun for everyone.

“Mrs. Vandivere is a fantastic 4th-grade teacher who goes above and beyond for all her students and creates a loving & caring classroom. You can see her love of learning and the excitement when she teaches,” said Shiela Hotzman.

Another parent noted the extent Vandivere went to ensure students were successful and felt comfortable during the year of virtual learning during the pandemic.

“She met a group online after class hours and read to them and checked in with them. It easily became the highlight of my son's day,” said Jennifer Smith. “She ensures all students are comfortable when test-taking, prepared for SOLs, and most importantly that they are feeling happy and safe at school. Our family would never have survived the pandemic school years without her!”

Next year Vandivere will be working as a math specialist at Vaughn Elementary School in Woodbridge. She said it has always been her dream to teach math, but she will miss her Bristow Run students and working directly in the classroom.

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