Flushing It Out Podcast with Samantha Spittle Brings Listeners Together


Everyone is social distancing, but people long for human connection. We have texting, social media, video calls, telephone and television, but there is another medium people can use to feel connected: podcasts.

And in Western Prince William County, there is a local podcast where one can meet inspiring people in the community with the help of an insightful host; it’s “Flushing it Out with Samantha Spittle,” (available on most podcast platforms).

In July, Samantha Spittle and her husband, Jeremy Spittle of Nokesville started the podcast. Samantha is the host and Jeremy is the editor and sound engineer. Their mission is to share the kinds of intimate conversations Samantha often has with her friends and spread a little bit of wisdom and inspiration.

Samantha said she would have these amazing conversations with people and think: ‘Wow, how helpful and enlightening was that!" When she met with other friends, she would often relay that wisdom to them. She started to realize a lot of her introverted friends weren’t having these conversations often themselves but valued the insight she provided.

That is how she got her tagline. “The Introvert’s Extrovert. She talks to people, so you don’t have to…for now.” Her mission is to bring insightful conversations into people's homes, cars, and earbuds.“Samantha Spittle is the Introvert’s Extrovert. She talks to people, so you don’t have to…for now.[/pullquote]”

Samantha survived her childhood by being extraverted. A military brat, she moved a lot growing up and had to learn to make friends quickly. After moving to Northern Virginia as an adult, she soon adopted an active social life. Talking to people was her favorite hobby, but she wondered: could it also be a career path?

“I always loved talking to people. I always walk away from a conversation feeling enlightened, empowered and encouraged. I’ve wanted to share that in some way but I didn’t know what that would look like,” Samantha said.

She knew she had to break the ice to gain the trust of her audience, so in her first episode, she shared her most embarrassing story, the one she swore she would take to the grave. It was her story of not making it to the bathroom in time. She was mortified. And that is how “Flushing It Out,” got its name.


Samantha talks with Christina Ammerman about recognizing and overcoming fear rising fear. 

Samantha found a touch of vulnerability opens people up to honest conversations.

“I talk about the stupid shit to lower the defenses to talk about the real shit. It’s using humor to combat difficult situations. I like funny stories, but it is really a way to break down the defenses to have real connections. It leads to healing. It’s not going to always happen on a public podcast, but I kind of feel like it gets the ball rolling," said Samantha.

Expect Samantha's podcasts to go from organizing a room to finding your inner zen. She loves to talk to individuals who have taken risks and earned the reward on the other side of that.

“I talk about sparking the connection. It’s talking to people who are comfortable talking about certain things, like shitting your pants. It gets to the more serious stuff, like marriage. I’m still learning.”

Celebrities, entertainers, and specialists have podcasts, but Samantha just wanted to share casual conversations among friends. Most of her guests live in the Gainesville area, so is engaging to the community. But even as many of the guests on her podcast are business owners, they're not there primarily to promote their businesses. It is really about making connections, Samantha explained.

So now that everyone's stuck inside, they can no longer have those one-on-one meetings over wine or coffee, which is what makes it a good time to stream one of Samantha’s conversations? It is a reminder of why we need each other, and how we are better together. Flushing It Out has also begun to offer video content.

Here are some streaming services where you can find Flushing It Out with Samantha Spittle: 

She is also broadcasting live videos on Facebook and her website.

Flushing It Out Podcast website: https://flushingitout.transistor.fm/

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flushingitout/

Flushing It Out on Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/samantha-spittle/flushing-it-out

Flushing It Out on Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/flushing-it-out/id1473273054



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