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Tina Fratello of Fifth Corner Staging Concepts of Prince William knows home staging is a worthwhile investment for any home seller who wants his home to sell quickly and fetch top dollar in a competitive real estate market.

“Staging creates a measurable and marketable change in the perceived value of the property,” Fratello explained.

At Fifth Corner Staging Concept, a staging professional works with clients to maximize their home’s appearance and appeal to modern buyers. Home sellers do not have to start completely from scratch and bring in all new furniture. Fifth Corner Staging Concepts meets home sellers where they are.

However, the process includes more than organizing, prepping and cleaning.

“What I like to say is you need to get your house offer ready,” said Fratello. “This is what you do before pillows are fluffed and pictures are straightened. Offer ready is when someone is going to walk into your home and is going to be able to picture themselves there.”

Buyers are more likely to buy a home that they can image themselves in. Most homes are defined by family photos, sometimes outdated decor, less than ideal furniture arrangements and some level of clutter.

“It’s a process of neutralizing and depersonalizing the space and maximizing the space you have.” A ready to sell home tells a different story: the story of the family who could live there.

Fratello shows her clients how to present a clean, contemporary visual story, while showcasing the home’s architectural features. She advises clients on cost-effective ways to make dramatic changes not expensive structural ones. It could mean a new paint color, draperies or new artwork on the walls, plus other decorative improvement's from a designer's eye. 

“Maybe your bed is on the wrong wall,” Fratello said. She envisions each room through fresh eyes.

She also notes that home staging is more important than ever. Real estate agents and buyers virtually visit homes online before deciding if an in-person visit is worth their time. A well-staged home tends to present better than a non-staged home online and in person. It also presents better than an empty home as it hints at the home’s potential.

“You want potential buyers to flop down on the sofa, and imagine where the Christmas tree will go.”

Fratello is no stranger to home decorating. Her mom is an interior decorator, her grandparents owners of a furniture store and her great-grandmother was a seamstress for D.C. homes and embassies.

Once a performing artist, Fratello now channels her creative energy into the home design business. The career appealed to the performing artist in her. She likes transforming a home and thrives on the excitement of a quick turnaround.

While she approaches the job with a passion and enthusiasm, she understands the stress, she knows homeowners are often overwhelmed by the home selling, buying and moving process. Moving is a task and even with the best company at your service, it could be a challenge. However, it is mandatory that you get the right service for the task. She always asks her clients to check these guys out for more reference about moving. She enjoys helping them navigate a difficult period, make it more manageable and even enjoyable for them.

And Fratello knows tricks for opening space and updating decor on just about any budget. The cost is an investment that most home sellers will make back with interest.

After Fratello make some affordable but significant changes, one Braemar townhouse staged by Fifth Corner Staging Concepts sold for $30,000 more than comparable properties on its street.

“We worked together to create a home where buyers walked in and wanted to live there. We removed obstacles that would hinder that, and then through staging created an ideal environment,” said Fratello. “They didn’t buy any new furniture. They were smart about the resources that they had. If you want new countertops, sure let’s go for it, but it’s not always necessary.”

Fifth Corner Staging Concepts charges an hourly fee for a consultation and subsequent work such as shopping and decorating. The staging company is happy to work with individuals, real estate agents or companies.

Visit or call 571-659-4555 for more information or to schedule a consultation.


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