Dear Governor: I Need to Report Some PWCS Teachers

Here is my letter of complaint. We must stop the madness!

Virginia Governor Youngkin has established a tip line to report teachers.
Please report your PWCS teachers now!
I would like to report several teachers in Prince William County Schools. The first teacher I would like to report is my oldest son’s fourth grade teacher. Even though her brother died a week earlier, at the very beginning of the school year, she attended his IEP meeting, because she wanted to ensure that he would receive special ed services he was entitled to.
Similarly, my middle son’s third grade teacher spent the entire year trying to help him learn to manage his emotions. He struggled with self regulation, related to a TBI, and she contacted me nearly daily throughout his third grade year. We continuously worked together to try and strategize to figure out how to motivate him to be successful in the classroom.
At the high school level, my oldest son had a math teacher who refused to let him fail. During virtual learning, when he and other students were struggling with maintaining motivation, she arranged personal zooms with him in the evenings to accommodate his attention issues during the day. The epitome of lazy!
I also need to report various counselors, school nurses, custodians, bus drivers, secretaries, school psychologists, as well as school social workers.
They are all guilty of working overtime, with caseloads far beyond what they should have, relentlessly attempting to improve the lives of students in the building and beyond.
Now that I think of it, I also need to report a few administrators. One of my son’s high school administrators offered to be a safe space for him if he needed a place to cool down.
My own principal walked around today distributing snacks to teachers and staff members.
I can’t believe I almost forgot the reading specialists that spent hours with my dyslexic son, determined to help him learn phonics.
Then there is the elementary teacher who volunteered and ran an after school basketball league, and her husband who volunteered as referee for free. And her daughter! The nerve. She ran the shot clock! Ugggh. Talk about nepotism.
Don’t get me started about all those activity and club sponsors. You know, the ones who stay after without getting paid, so students can participate in the video game club or the Pokémon club or the step team club. How dare they sacrifice their free time like that! The nerve. The audacity!
Maybe I should turn in the other teachers that have worked hundreds and hundreds of hours outside of their contract time, not just for me and my children, but for everyone and their children.
Can I report those pesky bus drivers and food service workers? You know the workers that sat outside in the freezing cold and pouring rain during the pandemic to hand out food to needy families?
Or the bus drivers who are doing double and triple runs, because we cannot retain bus drivers. The bus drivers who know the kids by name and get them to and from school safely every day.
But the absolute worst of them all are the special ed teachers and assistants!
I really resent the fact that they have to take work home every single day because there isn’t enough time to complete all of the paperwork during their non-existent planning periods!
Their emails updating parents and teachers with student progress, the IEP meetings and the advocacy for struggling students. They really are the worst.
And their assistants, you know the ones making about the same as a worker at McDonald’s, they should really be called out for what they do. Diapering autistic students and making sure they eat during the day, helping them find a place to calm down and regroup. I mean really, they should just quit if they don’t like it!
I really could go on and on. I think the entire public education system should be reported.
It seems as if they are all working for next to nothing, giving more of themselves than humanly possible, neglecting their own families to serve the families of others.
This should be stopped immediately! I hope you take my complaints seriously.
One fed up parent and educator, 

This is an opinion piece is solely represents the opinions of its author. 

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