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PWCTaxpayer you’re right about at least one thing which is you don’t live on Pageland so you have zero perspective for where we’re coming from so please feel free to sit quietly. It may come as a shock to you but there are many veterans in the Pageland corridor who I’m proud to live amongst and have as neighbors but their service to our country, nor Mr. Wright’s, isn’t relevant to the discussion. He has publicly taken his shots at those veterans by collectively referring to them as parasites, pigs at the trough, greedy and my personal favorite fake altruistic patriots. The reality is the facts of what the PWDG will do for the ENTIRETY OF PWC have not changed…per the PW Co finance office the project will generate $4.2 BILLION in tax revenue over its first 20 years (schools automatically get 57.23% of that) and incidentally taxes are already slated to be raised on a stair step basis in the years ahead on “peripherals” so the numbers from the PWDG will just continue to balloon.

From: OPINION: Prince William BOCS Chair 'Shill for Corporate Raiders'

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