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PWC tax rate on computers and peripherals--$1.65

Loudon tax rate on computers and peripherals--$4.20

We do not need to tear up sensitive areas of the watershed, historical resources, or hallowed ground to better serve our county, we just have to apply a reasonable tax rate to an industry that can more than afford it.

Since the lines on Pageland are dedicated to Loudon data centers, how much is it going to cost the PWC taxpayers to get PWDG online? What kind of noise mitigation measures will be taken? How much will those cost? What will be the cost to the county of the mass exoduses out of the neighborhoods that are inundated with the relentless hum that is keeping people awake and irritated?

Ask the residents of the Great Oak Community in Manassas what kind of neighbors data centers are and how they feel about Navy Captain for 25 years and Department of Homeland Security for 19 years Bill Wright's efforts. His seems like a life of service to others that is still continuing to me, but then I don't live on Pageland Lane.

From: OPINION: Prince William BOCS Chair 'Shill for Corporate Raiders'

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