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To jrpinva: you certainly do not have your facts together -- First, you have a lot of nerve criticizing someone who served his country and moved into an existing retirement community and is committed to the environment and what is right. You should know that he fought for you.

You do not have all the facts. The County has been bought by Blackstone/QTS and Compass....bought the BOCS.

Further, , the budget estimations you quote are not accurate and they do not reflect the cost to the county to build the infrastructure to support the Digital Gateway. You only hear what the county BOCS Chair Wheeler and the developers Blackstone/QTS and Compass want you to hear. After the fact you will face increased budgets to support the additional likely will have polluted water...and the electrical grid will not support the additional data centers. The noise from the data centers will be overwhelming...oh are probably a land owner who will leave PWC with lots of cash in hand and leave the rest of us behind.

Those of us in retirement communities pay taxes that support the schools -- we are not exempt. We are paying for your children to go to school.

Get the facts! I support Mr Wright and his willingness to sludge through the lies and get to the truth! You should do the same.

From: OPINION: Prince William BOCS Chair 'Shill for Corporate Raiders'

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